Study update May 2022.

We are now in the final stages of data collection. The six mental health wards involved in our study have been fantastically supportive, enabling us to observe ward life and interview service users and staff while the WardSonar intervention is being implemented. We will be able to look at the real-time data about the mood of the wards, which is collected via WardSonar devices, and compare it with what service users and staff are telling us, as well as routinely collected incident data from the wards. We have recently summarised in this conference poster.

We are very grateful to all the people who have been involved.

Throughout #WardSonar, we have been preparing papers and study reports. The literature review which focused on how to involve patients in developing patient safety interventions for acute mental health care has recently been published in the ‘Research Involvement and Engagement’ journal:

Brierley-Jones, L., Ramsey, L., Canvin, K. et al. To what extent are patients involved in researching safety in acute mental healthcare? Res Involv Engagem 8, 8 (2022).

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