Over the last few months, I have discussed mealtime experience with different patient groups in Leeds. In the Help from Experts by Experience for Researchers (HEER) group we looked at the use of an accessible conversation resource “Me at Mealtimes” developed by a group of service users at Calderstones NHS Trust in 2013. The pictures and topics were originally selected by service users in Northwest England who directed a graphic artist to create the images supporting easy read text. The service users then trialled the resource to help them think about how they were coping with eating, drinking and swallowing. We were delighted that BiLD included this in the resources published on their website, there were 470 downloads in the first 2 months.

In 2020 BiLD were no longer able to include this booklet in their health resources. I brought it to the SUN and HEER meetings for review and it helped the group members to think about topics around eating, drinking and swallowing – we discussed what can go wrong and ideas for supporting safe and enjoyable mealtimes. The resource can now be accessed here:

This free download can be used to encourage insight and focus attention on different aspects of swallowing. If anyone has any concerns regarding swallowing difficulty then specialist support and advice is available from Speech and Language therapy or Medical staff.

We would welcome your comments and feedback on this resource – contact Susan Guthrie hcsg@leeds.ac.uk